In Production


Events series curated by Beth Bramich providing a platform for Midlands based artists working in film and video and encouraging a critical dialogue amongst local practitioners. In Production ran from 2010–12 and was hosted by Nottingham Contemporary. It was also presented in collaboration with Outpost Gallery, Norwich and David Dale Gallery, Glasgow. Featured artists and guest speakers included: Kitty Anderson, Darren Banks, Gareth Bell-Jones, Alice Bradshaw, Mark Essen, Mateus Domingos, Blue Firth, Ellie Harrison, Louis Henderson, Claire Hope, Candice Jacobs, Ben Judd, Paul Pieroni, Alexander Stevenson, Corin Sworn, Tether, Katy Woods and Emily Wilczek.

Events were supported by: Creative Scotland, The European Regional Development Fund, Legacy Trust UK, and Arts Council England.

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