Of and For Turner Contemporary

Of and For Turner Contemporary: Writings on a Building. Illustration by Billie Muraben.

‘Of and For Turner Contemporary: Writings on a Building’ is a collection of texts written by Critical Writing in Art and Design students at the Royal College of Art. The essays bring together new approaches to writing in relation to architecture, drawing particularly on the experience of spending time with a working building. With a foreword from Sir David Chipperfield and newly commissioned illustrations by Billie Muraben, this website captures aspects and impressions of Turner Contemporary almost four years after its opening.

The publication was launched at Turner Contemporary with a series of site-specific readings by the contributors: Jeremy Atherton Lin, Fi Churchman, Joyce Dixon, Ben Harvey, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Nina Kock, Baneen Mirza, Holly Parkhouse, Bryony Quinn, Isabel Taube and Lucy Watson.


Beth Bramich & Isabel Taube

Billie Muraben

Web Design:
Maxwell Ryan

Sir David Chipperfield, Victoria Pomery, Fiona Parry, Jeremy Millar, David Crowley, Andrew Blunt, Ayisha De Lanerolle

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