Bad Vibes Club Season of Events

Hangar 2017
Sophie Mallett, Production Still, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

While at Flat Time HouseThe Bad Vibes Club (Beth Bramich and Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau) will be hosting a programme of events, including talks, screenings and performances, as well as launching a new publication in June 2018.


Tessa Norton: Marriage is Punishment for Shoplifting in Some Countries

15 April 2018, 3-6pm, Flat Time House, London

We’ll be reflecting on Wayne’s World (1992, Penelope Spheeris) with Tessa Norton. A talk and discussion including but not limited to: Garth, beta-bros and non-toxic masculinity, Wayne’s relationship to money, work and selling out, and Stacy’s radical vulnerability.  Email to book your place.


Sophie Mallett: Our gelatinous past

26 April 2018, 7-9:30pm, Flat Time House, London

A live listening and screening session. In this speculative docufiction video, jellyfish are cast as the protagonists of a new era in geopolitics. Global warming has disrupted ocean currents and their dependent trade routes, simultaneously halting trade relationships and enabling epic blooms of our gelatinous overlords.


Hamish MacPherson & Adam James: Have you come here to play Jesus?

5 May 2018, 1-5:30pm, Flat Time House, London

A larp written by Masha Bugayova, Zhenja Karachun, Olga Rudak and Nastassia Sinitsyna

Have you come here to play Jesus? is larp (live action role play) that portrays the controversial phenomenon of euthanasia in the modern world. The characters face the unbearable choice of determining whether or not to end the life of a paralysed family member. It’s about love, family and choices we make. This is a larp for 6 people.

To apply to be part of the larp, please email


Beth Bramich & Kathryn Siegel: Love, Labour, Loss

17 May 2018, 7-9pm, Flat Time House, London

A screening programme of feminist film on the theme of affective and reproductive labour. Image credit: Carolee Schneemann, Still from Plumb Line (1968-72). Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.


Jonathan Hoskins & Susannah Worth: Residence Kitchen

1 June 2018, 6-10pm, Flat Time House, London

Residence Kitchen is a recurring, scored, hosted space for approaching problems of Residence: the things that are at stake because we live in this city, at this time. We introduce economies and narratives of food as both metaphor and material premise to make an evening hospitable for different ways of being and acting to come into view.


The Bad Vibes Club Reader Launch

7 June 2018, 6-9pm, Flat Time House, London

Come and celebrate the launch of The Bad Vibes Club Reader and the end of our spring events programme. Readings and drinks.


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