Guts Up Chuck


A close crop of part of the front cover of publication Guts Up Chuck, showing the title in metalic silver against a brushed, washed out grey. The background beneath the publication is dark grey.
Guts Up Chuck, 2019. Photo: Thomas Harnett O’Meara

Guts Up Chuck is a publication produced through a collaboration between writer Beth Bramich and design studio Design Print Bind. Pairing 24 short, queasy texts on subjects including acid reflux, nausea and anxiety with experimental, gestural monoprints, the publication gazes down at an unruly body and tries to make sense of it through moments of detachment and drift, sudden awareness, vulnerability, limitation and possibility; to find empathy for what is partially known, understood, felt.

Developed through conversation between Beth and designers and bookmakers Flaminia Rossi and Sam Whetton (DPB), a collective print-making process and an enthusiasm for testing materials and typographic treatments. Supported by an A-N Artist Bursary, a residency at METAL Southend and studio membership of the London Centre for Book Arts.

A spread from inside the publication Guts Up Chuck. The pages have been monoprinted with a yellow-green ink, on each page is a short text, the first called No Guts and on the facing page Tongue Trace Tooth.
Guts Up Chuck, 2019. Photo: Thomas Harnett O’Meara

The imagery in the book and on the cover was created in collaboration with Design Print Bind through experiments in monoprinting techniques. Each copy is wrapped in a unique foil-blocked monoprint cover.

Self-published 2019
120 x 190 mm
32 pages
Format: softcover

Buy a copy via the London Centre for Book Arts.

Guts Up Chuck, 2019. Photo: Thomas Harnett O’Meara

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